O.K. Western history buffs……………..?

Which movie was more to your liking and factual.’Tombstone’ starring Kurt Russell? Or Kevin Cosner’s ‘Wyatt Earp’?
Why or why not ?
Heidi! That was the movie with Robert Duvall and wasn’t about the Earps(Good movie though ,eh?)

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Name a movie which a “supporting role character” stole the show from the title or presumed star of that film?

We sometimes get the delightful treat of watching a movie to notice a supporting character grab our attention and fascinate us with a riveting performance.My favorite is Val Kilmer who portrayed Doc Holiday in the western classic”Tombstone”(1993).I did enjoy Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp.However,Val Kilmer successfully put his own magnetic spin on the character of Doc Holiday as a pompously endearing gentleman with some of the most memorable lines in western movie history,such as:I’m your huckleberry!/My hypocrisy goes only so far./Say when!(quote to instigate a gunfight)/You sweet soft Hungarian devil(Doc’s girlfriend Kate)/An enchanted moment./Wyatt,I will not be pawed at!(his drunken comment to Earp when being urged not to overindulge the night life due to tuberculoses)/Look darlin it’s Johnny Ringo,the fastest gun since Wild Bill they say;should I hate’em?/Very cosmopolitan!You’re a daisy if ya do!(a bone fide line the real Doc used)…and more.Choose your movie,the character,and why.

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Am I reaching? Was it just Russell was Doc Hollywood, and Costner on Hollywood holiday?

I read the answers, the votes. It isn’t an issue.

I just believe, and people who like textbook-type
documentaries generally concur, that WE is much
more true to history than the movie Tombstone.
Tombstone is entertainment.
On a note about, and from the man himself,
(Doc IM’ed me from the afterlife), Wyatt Earp
would be about as welcome in 21st Century
America as smallpox. Better ideas
on this from history freaks.

Did anyone learn about the real cowboys from
both movies. I must be ignorant, Wyatt.

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Who is your favorite outlaw or lawman of the old west, those who actually exited [not the tv cowboy]?

My favorite was Wyatt Earp (outlaw & lawman(marshall of Dodge City and of Tombstone). He didn’t take crap from anyone. If a particular gunman or outlaw got in his way or if the guy just semed to bug Wyatt, he’d pull out his gun and shoot the person[s]. The bad guys he just shot to death. He had help from his brothers Morgan & Virgil, and a friend, Zorro, I mean, Doc Holiday.

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Which movie was better?

Wyatt Earp With Kevin Costner and Dennis Quaid
Tombstone with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer

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What do you think of my song?

I am TimBoston on ReverbNation. Here is my song called “Message From a Ghost Town.” There are many influences to this song. It was written around the time that “Tombstone” starring Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp was released. It also sounds like an old Partridge Family song about a ghost town. The Monkeys had an episode about being in a ghost town and had some music based around that show. Other influences include a Bob Weir song with the Grateful Dead called “Mexicali Blues,” and there are some Elvis influences in the vocals too.
I credited the song to my old garage band the Psycho Pops but it is actually a solo effort that I recorded all the tracks myself on a 4track cassette deck.
Tell me what you think.
Here’s the link

Reverb Nation. Tim Boston. Song is “Message From a Ghost Town”

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What does “Only suckers buck the tiger, the odds are all on the house.” mean regarding Faro?

This is a quote from the 1993 film Tombstone where Doc Holiday is telling Wyatt Earp what he thinks of the card game Faro. I searched the internet but couldn’t find anything on it. Is this describing game play or is it just a colloquialism of the era not related to Faro?
Whoops, just found it, sorry?

“Due to low rates of literacy among miners and other laborers, it is said a “Buck the Tiger” shingle or a colorful tiger drawing was usually posted outside a saloon, gambling club or even a barber shop, to indicate an active “Faro Bank” was inside. Some sources say many gambling houses, large and small, had oil paintings of tigers hung above their faro tables. But again, I have yet to actually see evidence of this in stories, pictures, drawings or paintings from the time.”

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